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The site at Allen Mill is over 2 hectares, it is a reclaimed industrial site with adjacent river bank and woodlands containing the remains of the old lead smelting mill. The site is being developed as an out door sculpture gallery. The first works are visible from the entrance and outside the bakery/café but as the project develops new sculpture is being sited to draw the visitor into the surrounding countryside. The site provides a variety of settings which will accommodate a wide range of works and show them to great advantage. Visitors are encouraged to follow the sculpture trail along the River East Allen from Allendale Town to Allen Mill.  Current works by:  Eden Jolly, Jason Mulligan, Dave Morris, Gilbert Ward .


Scroll through the gallery below or press the play button in the right hand corner to see some of the current works.

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Dave Morris A remarkable Artist who has exhibited all over the free world from the UK to Japan and Poland to the USA. The work is to be found throughout public and private collections. He has also taught at Universities in the UK, Sweden, Italy, Spain and across the USA.