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A  brewery in Allendale - the first since the original Allendale Brewery closed in 1887! Supplies pubs and other outlets in the North of England and private wholesalers. Tours of the brewery will soon be available.

Allendale Caravan Park holds a Gold Award from David Bellamy for the quality of its services.
The local community website. Keep up to date with local events. Information on where to stay, places to eat and things to see and do.

Baynes taxis provide a transport service based in Allendale – taxis and buses.

A community in Whitfield, a place for learning, creativity and the soul. Hosting short courses, retreats and other activities.

Specialising in group accommodation and hosting an array of events such as Conferences, Meetings, Outdoor Activities and Weddings
Langley Garden Station is a restored Victorian railway station in a woodland garden in Langley near Hexham. Holds exhibitions and workshops/courses for local artists. Teatrail An events diary for the TeaTrail walks.


Hexham Tourist Information
Haltwhistle Tourist Information

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